Concierge Services

There are four types of concierge services we provide:


Source A Watch
Our network allows us to cast a wide net when searching for specific models. If there is a particular model you are interested in, we will work to procure it for you within a 45 day window. You must place a 10% refundable deposit to initiate our search. If we are successful in procuring the timepiece within an agreed-upon price range, we will apply the deposit to your purchase price. If you do not complete the transaction, the deposit is forfeited. If we are unsuccessful in procuring the timepiece, you receive a full refund of the deposit.
Sell Your Watch
If you own a watch that we are not interested in carrying as inventory (e.g., buying from you), we can assist you in finding a buyer. We help to create a high-quality listing that will appeal to a large consumer base and facilitate the transaction, removing the stress of vetting potential buyers and avoiding fraud. Simply identify a minimum price you would be willing to accept, and if we negotiate the deal, our commission is 10% of the minimum price plus 50% of the difference between the final sales price and the minimum price.
Service Your Watch
We maintain a network of watchmaking professionals that are certified to the highest industry standards. Some of these facilities are not available to the public. As a result, we can usually ensure a faster turnaround and lower cost for servicing watches beyond the factory warranty. Let us handle the hassle of repairs for you.
Curate Your Collection
We help ensure that the watches in your collection match your lifestyle. Each watch should have a clear purpose (e.g., dress watch, all-purpose, diver, investment grade). Via removal of clutter and strategic acquisitions, we can help curate a collection you can be proud of.